Easter: Stories and Songs

Bill Wolf has lived and made music in Knoxville for over 20 years. He is a published songwriter who has shared the stage with artists such as Mia Fields, Jason Ingram, Jill Andrews, Chris August, Charlie Hall, and more.

In 2010, Wolf released the album Easter Stories & Songs – ten songs that combine progressive folk-style musicianship with introspective, thoughtful storytelling to present an intimate look at the humanity and divinity of Jesus Christ during the week of the crucifixion. With guitars, piano, banjo, mandolin, hammered dulcimer, penny whistle, fiddle, and accordion, Easter Stories & Songs not only creatively tells the inspiring story of Jesus during Passion Week, but also hearkens back to the humility of His birth and peers forward to the glory of His Kingdom.

In the nine years since its release, Bill and his stellar band of area musicians have performed these Easter Stories and Songs in colleges and coffeehouses, in state-of-the-art megachurches and small country chapels, in cathedrals and on front porches, inside Knoxville’s Botanical Garden, and within the walls of a maximum-security prison. In every setting, the songs and the performance are a uniquely engaging reminder that there is nowhere the story of the resurrection is out of place.

Wolf is not only a songwriter and artist but a scholar and theologian, currently serving as a professor of Worship & Theology at Johnson University. Both his careful attention to detail and his gift as a story-teller are woven throughout Easter Stories & Songs, which continues to engage audiences with its beauty and candor.

Easter Stories and Songs is a stirring meditation on the dawning of God’s Kingdom on earth through the victory of life over death. In being about that one particular thing, it becomes about everything.



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